Every inspection I discover hidden issues that can make an impact to make a decision to purchase or to repair. I work for my clients like if it was my house that I am buying. On the left is an example of a hidden roof leak that was only visible inside the attic and confirmed using my infra red  camera. The home inspection is perform according to the ASHI (American Society for Home Inspectors) "standard of practice". An inspection contract agreement must be signed prior starting the inspection. The report will be delivered 24 hrs. after inspection is conclude. I use HomeGauge state of the art software  in my comprehensive reports. 


List of prices

Comprehensive inspections

Less than 1000 SF                          $275

1001 to 1800 SF                              $325

1801 to 2000 SF                              $350

2001 to 2500 SF                              $400

2501 to 3000 SF                              $450

3001 to 3500 SF                              $525

3501 to 4000 SF                              $600

Above 4000 price accordingly depending SF

Insurance inspections 

4 point                                               $125

Wind Mitigation                                 $125

Roof certification                               $ 75

New construction

Depending on the number of inspection need as the construction process is advancing.